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Block Wall Construction in Los Angeles

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DiBara Masonry's legacy of quality service includes block wall installation, restoration, and repair in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our experienced block wall masons in Los Angeles handle wall construction of any kind with superior workmanship and at fair prices. Give us a call now to request a project consultation.

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Block Wall Construction in Los Angeles

Construction projects that involve providing property line designation, security boundaries, trash enclosure, and sound protection are often easily addressed by installing block walls.

Whether you need a new wall built for added privacy, to accommodate an encroaching tree, or for any other reason, we have the solution you need. In addition, if you have a block wall that needs to be repaired due to falling trees, uplifting roots, earthquakes, or vehicle collisions, or if you are looking to seamlessly restore a wall on a historical property, we can provide a quality repair that matches your existing wall.

When Should I Be Worried About Cracks in Block Walls?

If you notice cracks in your wall, along with leaks or mold, you are going to walk to have your walls looked at. It is always the best to have it looked at, just in case.

Can Block Walls Be Repaired

Block walls can and should be repaired. When cinder block walls develop cracks or holes, it is necessary to perform block wall repairs to improve how the wall looks, as well as restore the stability of the wall. Making such repairs can be intimidating for homeowners, but our Los Angeles masonry team has decades of experience and can provide unparalleled service.

We can also answer any questions about your cinder block and how to fix a leaning cinder block wall.

The steps involved in repairing a cinder block wall include:

  • Filing away any rough edges
  • Spraying the wall with water to get rid of dust or dirt
  • Scrubbing the wall with a washcloth for excessively dirty areas
  • Waiting for the wall to dry off before making repairs
  • Mixing concrete for the repair of cracks and holes
  • Misting holes and cracks with water
  • Filling in the cracks and holes with concrete
  • Chipping out cinder block and mortar from heavily damaged blocks
  • Mixing mortar for the repair of heavily damaged blocks
  • Applying mortar to the edges of the cavity
  • Setting the new block in place

Self-repair can be complicated and time-consuming. To save yourself the hassle and to ensure quality work you are completely satisfied with, rely on the professional block wall masons at DiBara Masonry.

Signs You Need Block Repair

  • Cracks
  • Tipping walls
  • Bowing/ buckling
  • Wet blocks

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No matter how small or large your project may be, our block wall masons in Los Angeles will provide you with the best possible solution and service. With four generations of committed service to Southern California residents, DiBara Masonry is the company you can trust for your block wall construction project.

For expert masonry restoration or block wall construction near Los Angeles, call us at (323) 313-0165 or contact us online today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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