Walkway Repairs & Installation Services in Los Angeles

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Walkways provide us with a safe, smooth, and level space we can use to navigate using our own two feet. Whereas other types of terrain can present all sorts of hazards, like unseen trip hazards, potholes, sinking areas, or excessive grading, walkways are smooth, even, and easy to walk over.

Those who depend on a wheelchair for mobility also depend on walkways—their smooth surface is far easier for wheels to roll over than an untreated piece of land. Whether you’re looking for a walkway around your yard, one which provides access to your business, or anything in between, DiBara Masonry is the name you can count on for a high-quality repair or installation service.

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Walkway Repairs & Restoration

Walkways are some of the most frequently-used features of your property. Not only do they have to be able to withstand all types of foot traffic every single day, but they’re also prone to being pummeled with sunlight, swathed in heat, or even doused in water from rain, irrigation, and more. They even face threats from below due to things like soil shifting or tree roots which can cause them to lift and crack.

Our walkway repairs team can fix problems with any type of walkway, including:

Our walkway repairs team can fix any issue you’re having with your walkways, from routine cracks to separating, lifting, chipping, and everything in between. Regardless of the surface, style, or size, we make sure that your walkways are as beautiful and functional as they were the day they were first put in.

Walkway Installation in Los Angeles

Whether you need to extend an existing walkway or install an entirely new one, DiBara Masonry delivers quality products and results each and every time. We work with you to create the perfect layout and arrangement, and then create your walkways from premium materials for unmatched beauty and durability. Your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed—if you’re not happy, we won’t accept payment for what we’ve done until you are!

Signs it might be time to repair or replace your walkway:

  • Cracks, holes, and missing stones
  • Shifting and unevenness
  • Fading or discoloration
  • Water pooling
  • Tree roots growing underneath your walkway

Benefits of Installing a Walkway

  • Safety
  • Increases resell value
  • Convenient for guests and residents
  • Improved curb appeal

DiBara Masonry was founded upon a reputation for doing things right. When our founders first arrived in the United States from Italy, they made a living the only way they knew how: masonry. By providing valuable services to their community and focusing on ensuring every job was done to the best of their ability, they quickly became the name their neighbors trust.

Choosing the Right Los Angeles Walkway Contractors

Now, generations later, DiBara Masonry is the leading name in walkway services, including construction, repair, restoration, and more! Whatever condition your walkways are in or how long or complex you need them to be, you can count on our team to deliver quality, durable, and beautiful walkways to your property in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and the nearby areas.

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A 4th Generation Difference

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  • Experience

    The DiBara Family has been perfecting this craft for over 100 years. As 4th generation masons, we are bringing a century of knowledge, expertise, and care to meet your needs.

  • Craftsmanship

    From our weekly team meetings prior to the start of each job to our final walk through on site, we will never cut corners and promise to place quality, durability and aesthetic before all else.

  • Expertise

    Whether the project is a small backyard repair or a historic castle repair, each project is assigned a dedicated foreman who communicates progress and oversees the quality of work on a timely schedule.

  • Accountability

    We stand behind our work and will not accept final payment until we have over-delivered on your expectations. We always strive for 100% satisfaction!

  • Great Communication

    Our office staff is available from 7AM to 5PM every week day to coordinate and facilitate your scheduling needs, as well as follow up on any questions.

  • Attention to Detail

    We promise to deliver the most detailed and thorough on site consultation you receive, with each estimate to be reviewed by our owner, Matt DiBara.